Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter 4: Almost There

After emmerging from Maxtor's treasure hoard the Explorer's rested for the night in the fortress. During Nuadre's watch an ice cold wind swept through them, jarring them awake.

The next morning the returned to the road to find that the bandit that they had left tied up, Clarence, had freed himself. Nuadre, who was feeling faint – either from her experience the night before or from the loss of her hand, decided to return to Grey Tower and warn the town of Clarence, as well as get some herbs to treat her wound and prevent infection. Lawrence de la Torrence accompanied her.

Sora, Tief, Deltron and Ranger Rick pushed forward toward Shallor, knowing that it was less than a day's march ahead.

Along the way they found a stone house that had been torn apart by some great force. Magicaly animated armor was guarding a trap door, but inside they found a deceased baby and no sign of the parents.

Further along they found an old man who was under some sort of enchantment. He had walked until his clothing was rags and his hand was covering a bottle. The Explorer's could tell that something bad would happen if he opened that bottle, but when the old man keeled over right before them they could not stop it. A great light and a terrible force rocketed out of the bottle and flew, like a meteor, to the east. The remains of the broken bottle had the inscription, "Do not open. Womai is inside." Sora and Deltron recalled the name might have demonic connections.

At last light the group had still not reached Shallor, but instead found a small clearing with misshapen trees. They pressed on and walked another full day before they came to a cattle farm and met a farmer who says he had never heard of Shallor.

Another day's journey north brought them to the Sandstone Library. The gnomes who ran the place, Wizbock and Thumple, had also never heard of Shallor and provided them with maps that seemed to show the city never existed.

What the gnomes did have, however, was a book, covered in cloth, that they claimed was found on a corpse near a farm several miles away. A letter with the book called it The Grimoire and claimed it was dangerous. A man named Lord Kreel Quavanos is willing to pay 20,000 gold pieces for the book. He has a man in the town of Parnast that can set up the deal.

The Explorer's decided to head back to Grey Tower to find out if the residents there are suffering the same amnesia regarding Shallor as those north of the clearing are. Along the way they had a run in with Clarence The Bandit, who was working with a new group of bandits, but was too fearful to try robbing them again.

Sora had dreams, along the way, that she said lead her to believe that The Grimoire desperately wants an owner, and to be opened. So far she has kept it wrapped safely in the cloth she found it in.


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