Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter 6 - Part 2: Playing the Game

The Explorer's arrived in Waterdeep and quickly made their way to Blackstaff's Tower, an academy for wizards. They met one of the lead apprentices, Killian Whitenow, who informed them that the owner of the tower, Khleban “Blackstaff” Arunsun, was outside the borders of Waterdeep preparing an assault on The Dead City. He invited them to return for dinner.

The party was intercepted by the twins, Crystal and Cami Palantir, members of The Harpers and invited to their headquarters in the city. The twins convinced the group to leave The Grimoire with them. They have sent word to a high ranking member of the Harpers to come examine it.

At dinner with Killian the party learned that the Dead City was raised by a cult to the lich king Necrodeimus. He created the Dead City 2500 years ago and Killian believes they have raised the city in an attempt to resurrect him. Ranger Rick finally reveals to the party a vision he had in which a man he mistook for The Bartender of a local pub who attempted to use magic to pry information from him, and then was revealed to be responsible for raising the Dead City. They also learned that the Siren’s Amulet may be a relic from the Dead City. Killian promised to send for Blackstaff right away to answer more questions.

That night Tief and Deltron visited a building marked with Thieve's Cant. It was a trap by the city guard, who summoned one of the Lord's of Waterdeep to meet with them. He advised them that the Lords had put down all of the Thieve's Guilds in the city and that they should stay out of trouble. He promised them that he would remember their faces, and then released them.

The rest of the party scoured the bars until they learned some clues about the secret casino that Vladamir Clavius had written Vayne Hall about.

The following day they went to the home of Crest Markus and concocted a plan smuggle themselves inside with the help of some purchased statues. By appearing helpful they earned themselves invitations to the event that night.

In the casino they met the floor man, Bonnie Prince, as well as Crest himself, and quickly got the impression that things were shady. They convinced a man to take part in the fighting pits, watched him kill the sitting champion, and then watched as the champions body was "disposed of" out the back door. They asked a lot of questions and both Crest and Bonnie were clearly suspicious.

When they returned late that night to investigate further Prince and Markus had already skipped town. In the tunnels beneath his mansion they discovered several undead being controlled by The Guantlet of Necrodeimus. One of the zombies was Vladamir and they found the 7 of hearts from Vayne Hall’s Deck.

They met Vayne Hall in their tavern afterwards and traded the 7 of hearts for The Joker, a mysterious card that has "unpredictable" powers. Hall claimed it was originally a page from The Grimoire, and then revealed that the Grimoire is, in fact, a book who's pages are tied to reality itself. Before he left they started to ask him about Womai in the east, but Hall said he is no longer allowed to talk about that, cautioning them not even to use the name. "It is out of my hands" he said, before leaving them.


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