Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter Three: The Fortress Time Forgot - Part 2

Deltron, Rick, Sora, Nuadre and Lawrence de la Torrence took a brief rest before Tief came stumbling out of the woods to join them at the fortress. They found a diary on the body of the orc that detailed his plan to use the legend of the hidden treasure underneath the fortress to bond his bandits to him, but as time went on the orc became obsessed with finding the treasure himself.

The Explorer's found an iron statue of a tree and a dwarf which seemed to represent "Mad" Maxtor Crumplebottoms, the elf enemy. It did not take them long to decipher the cryptic phrase "burn the right log covered in the right blood" that was written on the bronze fire pit and they were able to magically open a door that lead to the secret tomb.

Inside they fought a gargoyle to a standstill, took apart a room full of skeletons, and came face to face with a mechanical version of Maxtor himself. They were each offered to reach into a hole and pull out one of Maxtor's treasures, the most impressive of which was Maxtor's Blade.

Nuadre found out about Maxtor's hate for elves the hard way when she reached in a hole and her hand was severed. The remaining elves and half elves decided not to press their luck.

After that the Explorer's returned to the outside world and continued on their journey to Shallor.


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