Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter Three: The Fortress Time Forgot - Part One

Ranger Rick, Deltron Robotnik, Tief Erickson and Sora headed north from Grey Tower and met Lawrence de la Torrence and Nuadre along the way. They were beset by highway men but they worked together, like a team, to convince the bandits that they had superior numbers. They battled the fleeing rogues and were able to subdue and interrogate one of them, Content Not Found: Clarence by name, learning of a fortress in the woods that the thieves were using as a base. They also learned that there were rumors of a treasure below the base.

While the others slept Tief attempted to scout the base by himself, but became horribly lost in the woods. The rest approached by night and Ranger Rick was able to make it inside before the alarm was sounded. They laid waste to the bandits, including their leader, an orc known as Grevance.

What treasure awaits under the keep? What danger lurks in it's bandit infested corners? What loot lies on the bodies of their fallen foes? Tune in next time.


darrintheninja darrintheninja

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