Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter Two: A Town Called Grey Tower

Ranger Rick the Ranger, Tief Erikksen and Deltron Robotnik met up with Sora on the edge of Grey Tower. At the Inn, The Grey Lady, they learned that kobolds had been sighted nearby recently. They also learned of a dice player who came to town often, by the name of Handrick, who was having quite a streak of luck.

At the crossroads just north of town they met Vayne Hall, who claimed to be waiting for the devil. He told the Explorers that he would give them a magic card if they could procure him a set of loaded dice from Handrick.

The party set out to Handrick's farm where Sora was able to gain entry by showing him a secret scroll. Tief played several games of dice against him – losing badly – but confirming that he was using loaded dice. After Handrick fell asleep that night Sora was able to find his hidden set.

They returned to Vayne and exchanged their dice for his card. After that they returned to the town to warn the Inn keeper that Handrick had been cheating, but they were met by screaming villagers and a battalion of kobolds. They barely survived the attack but were able to kill or drive off maurauders.

The Explorer's were heroes to the town and stayed a few days to lick their wounds before setting off North once again.


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