The Grimoire


Rumored to contain “All of time and reality” within it’s pages.


It is a book-shaped object, concealed with cloth, that was discovered in the Sandstone Library. Wizbock and Thumple claim it was brought to them by a carrot farmer who lived southeast of the Library. The farmer found it on a dead man on the edge of his property.

The Grimoire came with a letter from Lord Kreel Quavanos offering 20,000 gp for it.

Sora claims that, after sleeping with The Grimoire under her pillow, she has had dreams of the book reaching out to her, wanting to be opened.

The Joker from Vayne Hall’s Deck is supposed to be fashioned from a page of the Grimoire.

Elminster called it “The Grimoire of the Ages of Faerun”. He refuses to open it until he knows more about it because he fears that, once opened, it cannot be closed again.

Khleban “Blackstaff” Arunsun believes that Deltron’s Ring is designed specifically to combat the powers of the book.

The Grimoire

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