Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter 8: On The Rocks

The party woke up in Vayne Hall's mysterious house. Hershel was missing and Vayne Hall posited that he may have "touched a statue he was not supposed to touch" and disappeared.

He told them about their next quest: To find Kelvin Montague in Calimport. Kelvin once had a sword that belonged to Vayne, Jack’s Sword. He promised them a card for any information leading to it and he promised to grant a wish if they brought him the actual sword.

Nuadre attempted to use the Wild Card to teleport them to Calimport, but instead they appeared in an Ice Dungeon.

In each room they saw a vision of spectral figures – adventurers from long ago – making their way through the dungeon. Deltron found Tymora’s Coin, which had been left behind by one of them,  and when an Orog killed him his soul was sucked into it.

One of the ghostly adventurers was Cornelia Quavanos the great enchanter. At the end of the dungeon they found a mechanical wall that required the sacrafice of a magical sword to open. Cornelia happened to have an enchanted sword, Cornelia’s Sword that was tainted and useless and so she sacrificed it.

The vision changed and showed another ghost from many years later. He disarmed the mechanical wall with rogue-like skill and took Cornelia's Sword. The players suspected that Cornelia's Sword and Jack's Sword might be one and the same and that the Wild Card brought them here so that they could learn something about it.

Afterward the Wild Card refused to teleport them anywhere, no matter how hard they tried. They carried Deltron to Targos in Ten Towns and ressurected him. There they learned that Cornelia was a famous enchanter from a thousand years ago. Her descendants sold all her items after she died and became very rich. It is rumored that some of her descendants, possibly Lord Kreel Quavanos, are attempting to reacquire her magical possessions.

Chapter 7: Once Upon a Time...

The party spent a week in Waterdeep, during which time Ranger Rick was arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct.

Lawrence de la Torrence caught Tief rifling through his things. He called a meeting of the entire party and Tief said that he was attempting to steal the Siren’s Amulet and The Guantlet of Necrodeimus because he did not trust Lawrence with them. He intended to give them to The Harpers. After a discussion the group agreed that the items should be placed in the hands of The Harpers and they all promised to be much more transparent about their intentions.

They arrived at the headquarters of the Harpers to meet Elminster Aumar who had arrived to examine the Grimoire. They also met Hershel Goldberg, an initiate of the Harpers, who aided them on their quest.

After a brief examination Elminster confirmed that the Grimoire is the genuine article – a book that is rumored to contain "all of reality" within it's pages. He did not open the book, though, because, he cautioned, "I do not know what will happen, and whatever does, I will be powerless to stop it." He was intent, though, on learning the full extent of the danger the book posed. When Nuadre mentioned a letter she carried from a fellow student that was murdered that pointed to some pertinent piece of information being housed in a library in Waterdeep it gave Elminster the idea to use Oromund’s Bookstand to examine the Grimoire.

When the party mentioned Womai Elminster dispatched Cami and Crystal Palantir to the East to investigate.

They went to Denier's Library and found the bookstand and proceeded to enter a book of fairytales, as well as a notebook containing stories that Nuadre had written, in order to test the limits and merits of the bookstand before introducing the powerful Grimoire.

During their experiments Nuadre revealed that she possessed a card from Vayne Hall’s Deck that was made from a page of the Grimoire. Elminster became erratic and attempted to snatch the card away from her but when he touched it he disappeared.

Confused and frightened the party returned to the Harper headquarters to retrieve the Grimoire from the safe, but the magical house would not allow them to enter and declared them Enemies of the Harpers, including Hershel, the initiate.

Just then Killian Whitenow appeared and told them that Khleban “Blackstaff” Arunsun had returned from the front lines of The Dead City and wished to meet them.

At Blackstaff Tower they met the great wizard, who possessed a distrust for Elminster and The Harpers and admitted he was a former member. He seemed perturbed that Lawrence had given them two relics of Necrodeimus. He took Deltron in private to enquire about Deltron’s Ring. When the emmerged from their secret meeting Blackstaff declared that Killian was to pay him 15,000 gold pieces for the trade, and Deltron was forced to reveal to his fellows that he has been keeping the ring a secret and that it may offer magical defense against the powers of the Grimoire.

Blackstaff vowed to smooth things over with the Harpers and to get Ranger Rick released from prison, but warned them that they should leave the city and avoid Harpers until this all blows over. They party expressed interest in helping with the battle against The Dead City, which had completely disappeared back into the ground when the armies attempted to take it. Blackstaff promised to have some work for them in the morning.

As they left Blackstaff Tower it occured to the group that the Joker Card might be controllable. Nuadre took out the card and attempted to will the Grimoire into their possession, however, instead the entire group was teleported to a pocket dimension where Vayne Hall dwelled. He was surprised to see them and admitted that, without the joker in his deck, he has been trapped in his dimension. The group agreed that the best way to move forward was to continue to "play his game" and earn cards by appeasing the nameless god that Vayne Hall followed.

Chapter 6 - Part 2: Playing the Game

The Explorer's arrived in Waterdeep and quickly made their way to Blackstaff's Tower, an academy for wizards. They met one of the lead apprentices, Killian Whitenow, who informed them that the owner of the tower, Khleban “Blackstaff” Arunsun, was outside the borders of Waterdeep preparing an assault on The Dead City. He invited them to return for dinner.

The party was intercepted by the twins, Crystal and Cami Palantir, members of The Harpers and invited to their headquarters in the city. The twins convinced the group to leave The Grimoire with them. They have sent word to a high ranking member of the Harpers to come examine it.

At dinner with Killian the party learned that the Dead City was raised by a cult to the lich king Necrodeimus. He created the Dead City 2500 years ago and Killian believes they have raised the city in an attempt to resurrect him. Ranger Rick finally reveals to the party a vision he had in which a man he mistook for The Bartender of a local pub who attempted to use magic to pry information from him, and then was revealed to be responsible for raising the Dead City. They also learned that the Siren’s Amulet may be a relic from the Dead City. Killian promised to send for Blackstaff right away to answer more questions.

That night Tief and Deltron visited a building marked with Thieve's Cant. It was a trap by the city guard, who summoned one of the Lord's of Waterdeep to meet with them. He advised them that the Lords had put down all of the Thieve's Guilds in the city and that they should stay out of trouble. He promised them that he would remember their faces, and then released them.

The rest of the party scoured the bars until they learned some clues about the secret casino that Vladamir Clavius had written Vayne Hall about.

The following day they went to the home of Crest Markus and concocted a plan smuggle themselves inside with the help of some purchased statues. By appearing helpful they earned themselves invitations to the event that night.

In the casino they met the floor man, Bonnie Prince, as well as Crest himself, and quickly got the impression that things were shady. They convinced a man to take part in the fighting pits, watched him kill the sitting champion, and then watched as the champions body was "disposed of" out the back door. They asked a lot of questions and both Crest and Bonnie were clearly suspicious.

When they returned late that night to investigate further Prince and Markus had already skipped town. In the tunnels beneath his mansion they discovered several undead being controlled by The Guantlet of Necrodeimus. One of the zombies was Vladamir and they found the 7 of hearts from Vayne Hall’s Deck.

They met Vayne Hall in their tavern afterwards and traded the 7 of hearts for The Joker, a mysterious card that has "unpredictable" powers. Hall claimed it was originally a page from The Grimoire, and then revealed that the Grimoire is, in fact, a book who's pages are tied to reality itself. Before he left they started to ask him about Womai in the east, but Hall said he is no longer allowed to talk about that, cautioning them not even to use the name. "It is out of my hands" he said, before leaving them.

Chapter 6: Part One - The "Road" to Waterdeep

The party stayed in Forsvare for a week following the defence of the city. In that time Daggerford was able to shore up their defenses and Waterdeep began mounting an assault on The Dead City's northern border. Lord Tyrball Trask arrived in the city and told they party that he would be taking over the defense of Forsvare and leading an offensive on the southern flank of The Dead City. He gave them a special coin to buy passage on a ship heading north, as well as Diary’s of Distant Discussion.

The party headed south, met up with Deltron Robotnik, sold their horses, and headed to the coast. Along the way they met up with Vayne Hall who beseached them to investigate his missing associate, Vladamir Clavius and the sinister underground casino in Waterdeep.

Once they reached the coast they used their coin to purchase passage on The Coarse Wind, a ship from Calimport. The ship was run by a callous old man called Captain Ali Southstar. The first night of their journey the first mate, Wooliak lead a mutiny and killed the captain, but the party had endeared themselves to the killer enough that he let them live.

The following night a ghost ship crewed by zombie pirates and a sahuagin captain attacked. The Siren’s Amulet that the sahuagin wore seemed to glow when he called out and all the the crew of the Course Wind eventually succumbed to it and dove into the ocean to be devoured by sharks. The party was able to kill the zombie and the captain as well as take the amulet.

The next day the party docked in Waterdeep, made certain that the ships cargo of weapons and armor was delivered, and used Sora's influence to gain entrance to the city.

Chapter 5: The Last Line

The Explorer's reunited at Grey Tower, purchased some horses, and made the decision to head to The City of Waterdeep in order to find answers about The Grimoire and to get Nuadre's hand healed.

Along the way they found an empty field and two statues commemorating the Battle of Unity, in which elves and dwarves united to drive back an invading empire, leaving over 100,000 bodies buried on the battlefield.

Further north they came to the town of Forsvare. A halfling ranger by the name of Buster was there, wounded, and told them his tale. He had been part of a group of adventurer's with a dwarf, Ragnar, a gnome, Flix, a dragonborn, Vortax and his brother, Ranger Dick. They were in a city to the north of Forsvare called Daggerford. They heard rumors of The Dead City rising up from the ground to the north and went to investigate.

They found an ancient city of undead had seemingly risen from the ground. A group of living men, perhaps cultists, had raised an army of undead in the thousands. Ragnar and Flix were killed in the city, Dick snuck around to try to warn Waterdeep and Buster and Vortax returned to Daggerford. The lords of Daggerford did not heed their warning and when the army of undead moved south and besieged the city they found themselves trapped behind their own walls with their militia crippled. Buster and Vortax escaped to warn the towns further south, but Vortax was killed and Buster was badly wounded.

Upon hearing the news of impending attack from the undead the villagers were paniced. The mayor, Elder Grandma, took the farmers and residents south to safety. Bart Pepperdyne, the lumbermill master, vowed to stay and fight. When the explorer's realized that the battlefield to the south could be a source of countless skeletons for the undead army they realized that they, too, had to stay and fight. They immediately set to fortifying the town for attack.

Sora entrusted The Grimoire to Deltron so that he could head south, warn the people of Grey Tower, and keep it safe from the clutches of the undead.

Nuadre found a shop in town called Grimm's Curious where she was able to get a magical, wooden hand called The Dollmaker’s Hand.

Five days later the undead arrived at the edge of town, obscured by mists. Wave upon wave battered against the city walls, including a wight, mummy and zombie beholder, but they all fell to the arrows and spells of the Explorers.

Chapter 4: Almost There

After emmerging from Maxtor's treasure hoard the Explorer's rested for the night in the fortress. During Nuadre's watch an ice cold wind swept through them, jarring them awake.

The next morning the returned to the road to find that the bandit that they had left tied up, Clarence, had freed himself. Nuadre, who was feeling faint – either from her experience the night before or from the loss of her hand, decided to return to Grey Tower and warn the town of Clarence, as well as get some herbs to treat her wound and prevent infection. Lawrence de la Torrence accompanied her.

Sora, Tief, Deltron and Ranger Rick pushed forward toward Shallor, knowing that it was less than a day's march ahead.

Along the way they found a stone house that had been torn apart by some great force. Magicaly animated armor was guarding a trap door, but inside they found a deceased baby and no sign of the parents.

Further along they found an old man who was under some sort of enchantment. He had walked until his clothing was rags and his hand was covering a bottle. The Explorer's could tell that something bad would happen if he opened that bottle, but when the old man keeled over right before them they could not stop it. A great light and a terrible force rocketed out of the bottle and flew, like a meteor, to the east. The remains of the broken bottle had the inscription, "Do not open. Womai is inside." Sora and Deltron recalled the name might have demonic connections.

At last light the group had still not reached Shallor, but instead found a small clearing with misshapen trees. They pressed on and walked another full day before they came to a cattle farm and met a farmer who says he had never heard of Shallor.

Another day's journey north brought them to the Sandstone Library. The gnomes who ran the place, Wizbock and Thumple, had also never heard of Shallor and provided them with maps that seemed to show the city never existed.

What the gnomes did have, however, was a book, covered in cloth, that they claimed was found on a corpse near a farm several miles away. A letter with the book called it The Grimoire and claimed it was dangerous. A man named Lord Kreel Quavanos is willing to pay 20,000 gold pieces for the book. He has a man in the town of Parnast that can set up the deal.

The Explorer's decided to head back to Grey Tower to find out if the residents there are suffering the same amnesia regarding Shallor as those north of the clearing are. Along the way they had a run in with Clarence The Bandit, who was working with a new group of bandits, but was too fearful to try robbing them again.

Sora had dreams, along the way, that she said lead her to believe that The Grimoire desperately wants an owner, and to be opened. So far she has kept it wrapped safely in the cloth she found it in.

Chapter Three: The Fortress Time Forgot - Part 2

Deltron, Rick, Sora, Nuadre and Lawrence de la Torrence took a brief rest before Tief came stumbling out of the woods to join them at the fortress. They found a diary on the body of the orc that detailed his plan to use the legend of the hidden treasure underneath the fortress to bond his bandits to him, but as time went on the orc became obsessed with finding the treasure himself.

The Explorer's found an iron statue of a tree and a dwarf which seemed to represent "Mad" Maxtor Crumplebottoms, the elf enemy. It did not take them long to decipher the cryptic phrase "burn the right log covered in the right blood" that was written on the bronze fire pit and they were able to magically open a door that lead to the secret tomb.

Inside they fought a gargoyle to a standstill, took apart a room full of skeletons, and came face to face with a mechanical version of Maxtor himself. They were each offered to reach into a hole and pull out one of Maxtor's treasures, the most impressive of which was Maxtor's Blade.

Nuadre found out about Maxtor's hate for elves the hard way when she reached in a hole and her hand was severed. The remaining elves and half elves decided not to press their luck.

After that the Explorer's returned to the outside world and continued on their journey to Shallor.

Chapter Three: The Fortress Time Forgot - Part One

Ranger Rick, Deltron Robotnik, Tief Erickson and Sora headed north from Grey Tower and met Lawrence de la Torrence and Nuadre along the way. They were beset by highway men but they worked together, like a team, to convince the bandits that they had superior numbers. They battled the fleeing rogues and were able to subdue and interrogate one of them, Content Not Found: Clarence by name, learning of a fortress in the woods that the thieves were using as a base. They also learned that there were rumors of a treasure below the base.

While the others slept Tief attempted to scout the base by himself, but became horribly lost in the woods. The rest approached by night and Ranger Rick was able to make it inside before the alarm was sounded. They laid waste to the bandits, including their leader, an orc known as Grevance.

What treasure awaits under the keep? What danger lurks in it's bandit infested corners? What loot lies on the bodies of their fallen foes? Tune in next time.

Chapter Two: A Town Called Grey Tower

Ranger Rick the Ranger, Tief Erikksen and Deltron Robotnik met up with Sora on the edge of Grey Tower. At the Inn, The Grey Lady, they learned that kobolds had been sighted nearby recently. They also learned of a dice player who came to town often, by the name of Handrick, who was having quite a streak of luck.

At the crossroads just north of town they met Vayne Hall, who claimed to be waiting for the devil. He told the Explorers that he would give them a magic card if they could procure him a set of loaded dice from Handrick.

The party set out to Handrick's farm where Sora was able to gain entry by showing him a secret scroll. Tief played several games of dice against him – losing badly – but confirming that he was using loaded dice. After Handrick fell asleep that night Sora was able to find his hidden set.

They returned to Vayne and exchanged their dice for his card. After that they returned to the town to warn the Inn keeper that Handrick had been cheating, but they were met by screaming villagers and a battalion of kobolds. They barely survived the attack but were able to kill or drive off maurauders.

The Explorer's were heroes to the town and stayed a few days to lick their wounds before setting off North once again.

Chapter One: A Night at Crymore Mansion
A Night at Crymore Mansion

Ranger Rick the Ranger, Tief Erikksen and Deltron Robotnik were each heading to the small kingdom of Shallor because they had heard that the king had sent out a call for adventurers. It was in the small town of Salang that they happened upon each other while trying to get a room in an overcrowded Inn called the Rusty Barnacle.

The Innkeeper was fully booked and so he offered them the key to an abandoned house he owned just north of town and told them they could stay there. An hour later they found themselves at the gates of the run-down, but still sturdy, Crymore Mansion.

They shared a hearty meal in the dusty dining room, but when they went to turn in Deltron found a child with pale, gangrenous skin sitting in front of the unlit fireplace. When Ranger Rick yelled up to him the child skittered up the fireplace, moving in an inhuman manner.

When they could not find the child in the fireplace or on the roof they went up a ladder into the attic. There they found a chest which turned out to be a shape shifting Mimic. Despite their surprise they made short work of the beast.

They found a wine cellar under the house with a small cache of treasure. Still nervous about the child that had gotten away, they slept in shifts in the cellar. In the morning they discovered a garden with a few statues, one of which looked exactly like the pale child Deltron had seen the night before. After firing a few arrows at it they deduced that the child in the fireplace might have been the Mimic coping that very statue – but they may never know for sure.

They returned to Salang for breakfast. Tief had a brief, but intimate encounter with a bar maid, and then they continued on toward Shallor together – the founding members of The Fun Time Explorer's Club!


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