Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter One: A Night at Crymore Mansion
A Night at Crymore Mansion

Ranger Rick the Ranger, Tief Erikksen and Deltron Robotnik were each heading to the small kingdom of Shallor because they had heard that the king had sent out a call for adventurers. It was in the small town of Salang that they happened upon each other while trying to get a room in an overcrowded Inn called the Rusty Barnacle.

The Innkeeper was fully booked and so he offered them the key to an abandoned house he owned just north of town and told them they could stay there. An hour later they found themselves at the gates of the run-down, but still sturdy, Crymore Mansion.

They shared a hearty meal in the dusty dining room, but when they went to turn in Deltron found a child with pale, gangrenous skin sitting in front of the unlit fireplace. When Ranger Rick yelled up to him the child skittered up the fireplace, moving in an inhuman manner.

When they could not find the child in the fireplace or on the roof they went up a ladder into the attic. There they found a chest which turned out to be a shape shifting Mimic. Despite their surprise they made short work of the beast.

They found a wine cellar under the house with a small cache of treasure. Still nervous about the child that had gotten away, they slept in shifts in the cellar. In the morning they discovered a garden with a few statues, one of which looked exactly like the pale child Deltron had seen the night before. After firing a few arrows at it they deduced that the child in the fireplace might have been the Mimic coping that very statue – but they may never know for sure.

They returned to Salang for breakfast. Tief had a brief, but intimate encounter with a bar maid, and then they continued on toward Shallor together – the founding members of The Fun Time Explorer's Club!

Welcome to the Club!
The Forgotten Realms Awaits!

The Forgotten Realms is an exciting place for explorers. Welcome to the club! Together we will see some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer. Nothing will be dangerous ever! I promise!

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