Fun Time Explorer's Club

Chapter 5: The Last Line

The Explorer's reunited at Grey Tower, purchased some horses, and made the decision to head to The City of Waterdeep in order to find answers about The Grimoire and to get Nuadre's hand healed.

Along the way they found an empty field and two statues commemorating the Battle of Unity, in which elves and dwarves united to drive back an invading empire, leaving over 100,000 bodies buried on the battlefield.

Further north they came to the town of Forsvare. A halfling ranger by the name of Buster was there, wounded, and told them his tale. He had been part of a group of adventurer's with a dwarf, Ragnar, a gnome, Flix, a dragonborn, Vortax and his brother, Ranger Dick. They were in a city to the north of Forsvare called Daggerford. They heard rumors of The Dead City rising up from the ground to the north and went to investigate.

They found an ancient city of undead had seemingly risen from the ground. A group of living men, perhaps cultists, had raised an army of undead in the thousands. Ragnar and Flix were killed in the city, Dick snuck around to try to warn Waterdeep and Buster and Vortax returned to Daggerford. The lords of Daggerford did not heed their warning and when the army of undead moved south and besieged the city they found themselves trapped behind their own walls with their militia crippled. Buster and Vortax escaped to warn the towns further south, but Vortax was killed and Buster was badly wounded.

Upon hearing the news of impending attack from the undead the villagers were paniced. The mayor, Elder Grandma, took the farmers and residents south to safety. Bart Pepperdyne, the lumbermill master, vowed to stay and fight. When the explorer's realized that the battlefield to the south could be a source of countless skeletons for the undead army they realized that they, too, had to stay and fight. They immediately set to fortifying the town for attack.

Sora entrusted The Grimoire to Deltron so that he could head south, warn the people of Grey Tower, and keep it safe from the clutches of the undead.

Nuadre found a shop in town called Grimm's Curious where she was able to get a magical, wooden hand called The Dollmaker’s Hand.

Five days later the undead arrived at the edge of town, obscured by mists. Wave upon wave battered against the city walls, including a wight, mummy and zombie beholder, but they all fell to the arrows and spells of the Explorers.


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