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Chapter 6: Part One - The "Road" to Waterdeep

The party stayed in Forsvare for a week following the defence of the city. In that time Daggerford was able to shore up their defenses and Waterdeep began mounting an assault on The Dead City's northern border. Lord Tyrball Trask arrived in the city and told they party that he would be taking over the defense of Forsvare and leading an offensive on the southern flank of The Dead City. He gave them a special coin to buy passage on a ship heading north, as well as Diary’s of Distant Discussion.

The party headed south, met up with Deltron Robotnik, sold their horses, and headed to the coast. Along the way they met up with Vayne Hall who beseached them to investigate his missing associate, Vladamir Clavius and the sinister underground casino in Waterdeep.

Once they reached the coast they used their coin to purchase passage on The Coarse Wind, a ship from Calimport. The ship was run by a callous old man called Captain Ali Southstar. The first night of their journey the first mate, Wooliak lead a mutiny and killed the captain, but the party had endeared themselves to the killer enough that he let them live.

The following night a ghost ship crewed by zombie pirates and a sahuagin captain attacked. The Siren’s Amulet that the sahuagin wore seemed to glow when he called out and all the the crew of the Course Wind eventually succumbed to it and dove into the ocean to be devoured by sharks. The party was able to kill the zombie and the captain as well as take the amulet.

The next day the party docked in Waterdeep, made certain that the ships cargo of weapons and armor was delivered, and used Sora's influence to gain entrance to the city.


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