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Chapter 8: On The Rocks

The party woke up in Vayne Hall's mysterious house. Hershel was missing and Vayne Hall posited that he may have "touched a statue he was not supposed to touch" and disappeared.

He told them about their next quest: To find Kelvin Montague in Calimport. Kelvin once had a sword that belonged to Vayne, Jack’s Sword. He promised them a card for any information leading to it and he promised to grant a wish if they brought him the actual sword.

Nuadre attempted to use the Wild Card to teleport them to Calimport, but instead they appeared in an Ice Dungeon.

In each room they saw a vision of spectral figures – adventurers from long ago – making their way through the dungeon. Deltron found Tymora’s Coin, which had been left behind by one of them,  and when an Orog killed him his soul was sucked into it.

One of the ghostly adventurers was Cornelia Quavanos the great enchanter. At the end of the dungeon they found a mechanical wall that required the sacrafice of a magical sword to open. Cornelia happened to have an enchanted sword, Cornelia’s Sword that was tainted and useless and so she sacrificed it.

The vision changed and showed another ghost from many years later. He disarmed the mechanical wall with rogue-like skill and took Cornelia's Sword. The players suspected that Cornelia's Sword and Jack's Sword might be one and the same and that the Wild Card brought them here so that they could learn something about it.

Afterward the Wild Card refused to teleport them anywhere, no matter how hard they tried. They carried Deltron to Targos in Ten Towns and ressurected him. There they learned that Cornelia was a famous enchanter from a thousand years ago. Her descendants sold all her items after she died and became very rich. It is rumored that some of her descendants, possibly Lord Kreel Quavanos, are attempting to reacquire her magical possessions.


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